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Your Needs

Hi, my name is Grant, enthusiastic collector of Aquitania Collectables.

Along with a few expert colleagues that I have met since launching my original website online,

I, or should I say we, are now able to cover the entire country of England.

So wherever you live, an Aquitania Collectables representative will be able to call at your home or business to discuss all your needs.

Looking to Raise Funds

I am looking all the time for high quality Dinky, Corgi etc diecast collectables. Makes and models can be found on our collectables section.

As all of us at Aquitania are collectors at heart and we therefore understand that many people have assembled their collections over many years, as we have.

There comes a time when for one reason or another we change our direction in life and what used to be important to us... changes.

You may decide to consolidate your collection into a specific type of model e.g. buses, transport lorries, model trains or specific makes of cars.

You may need to raise some funds to help the family with their financial commitments like a mortgage etc.

Whatever the reason, you will want to pass on your life's dedication to someone else.

Someone who may just be starting their new venture for example.

That's where we come in!

Thank you Aquitania

Grant came to visit and gave me an offer for all the old toys I had collected since I was a kid, I was moving home and wanted to all my unwanted items. A fast and simple transaction was made and I used the money to take my wife on honeymoon. Thank you Aquitania Collectables.

Robert, Bournemouth

Aquitania Collectables over 40 years of experience
Grant and Paul looking at Toys at a Fayre

Fair Prices Paid

We pay fair and realistic prices for all purchases made from our customers.

We understand the value of your dedicated efforts to collect the best you could.

We will come to see you and discuss everything needed to make your needs a reality.

If you have any of these and would consider selling, then please contact us: [email protected]

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With an extensive knowledge everything model toy related, our team can help you out.

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Covering the UK

I can travel to all areas of the UK, I can personally come and visit you and give you a free valuation, for further information please contact us.

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